Requiem for a toxic love potion

Love is blind” is no joke, dear friend. Once you go under the spell, the visibility, on an average would be no better than that on a smoggy winter morning in Delhi. You don’t get to see a proper vision of your significant other let alone your reflection on them. Nevertheless, La vie en rose sweeps you off your feet in a heartbeat without a wait for your brain to catch up.

Many a time, we fail to recognize the initial set of red flags owing to love blindness making way for adjustments in a newly found heaven. Gradually, the Garden of Eden loses its charm leading to all kinds of sin marked by insecurity, ego and possessiveness. Once you start off the argument, it won’t take much time for you to turn into an abusive manipulator who wreaks havoc on your already weakened bond. The resulting scene is quite hard to tackle when you are at the receiving end; harder when you become the centre of hotspot churning out insults and abuses to provoke the opposite party constantly. Before you know it, you are trapped in one big mess not knowing what to do other than being hostile to your partner.

It is of utmost importance to detect toxic traits from the onset and work on it to prevent the impending disaster. To break up with your toxic self is to let go of unwanted, overpowering emotions gatecrashing your mind every now and then making you no less than a puppet in their hands. As long as you choose to remain a prisoner of your fabricated dream world, everything seems fair and square from your side until you are forced to gather some kind of escape velocity to finally achieve an infinite distance from it.

Now that you look back from a lighter and freer vantage point, the bruises you left behind seems more clear than ever; some on others and some on yourself. On closer inspection, what once seemed so perfect finds shackles around them. What you perceived as an ideal romantic relationship thanks to pop culture no longer fits in the frame. The moment of realization hits you real hard (if you are lucky enough) thereby facilitating the process of unlearning whilst leaving you regrets of a lifetime. In most cases, apologies are mere bandaids to wounds that never quite heal. All you can do is question your misdemeanors, reconstruct yourself and make way for a better version of you. A change of place and people can be of great help. I hope we all are on the right track. 🙂

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