Quarantine Day- Sorry, I’ve lost count

Quarantine Day- Sorry, I’ve lost count.
Grown into these four walls keeping me company
so close I don’t dare push aside
their dusty floral drapes
let alone welcome the first hour of light
knocking on my rustic window.
A good old friend of mine,
he waits for a while and leaves
taking my silent response to his heart.
Time had frozen inside the loops of my head,
dreams grew nightmares,
I observed an absurd comedy rendition
by the reality troupe,
they paid me in the end
for the spectator role.
Stuck in the maze with no possible way out,
I spell out words dear to me, all alone,
shout my name into the void.
A scared micro dramatic pause
shouts back uncurated resonances,
Scattered syllables held each other’s hands,
words unnamed bungee-jumped
from the tip of my tongue,
breathing life into those that I yearn for.

The scent of a loved one after a warm kiss,
The colour of my skin at the sight of his silhouette.

The first flowers from the dead-
the guardians of the graves of unsung poets.

A hard-fought smile that blooms in tears,
Broken vulnerable 3 am whispers.

A million more words seeking home
I gave them a language of my own
Words that slow danced to my moods,
singing an old tune I seldom remembered.
A song I kept for myself.
A lullaby for the dark times.
Like a forgotten feather left alone
inside an old journal
I weep
and then
I sleep.


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