The Breakthrough #BookReview

📖 The Breakthrough – Megha Bajaj


📍Rupa Publications

First of all, I appreciate every one of those behind the birth of this physical copy because this is so satisfying to look at. Adorned with striking colours, comforting font and an elegant cover, “The Breakthrough” by Megha Bajaj shines through 11 inspirational lives who could transform their ordinary into something extraordinary. Each of them has gone through a spiritual awakening under the guru ‘Mahatria,’ to build their own empires from scratch.

The tremendous transition achieved in these personal journeys is sure to make a significant impact in the minds of the readers who are on the lookout for a breakthrough in their respective lives. Never once does the writing gets preachy, it simply wants us to decide how much to take in. The stories come with drama, comedy, twists and above all, inspiration to attain something few of us can actually manage to achieve. The author’s simple narrative style and accurate character descriptions make it an easy and enjoyable read. Author Megha Bajaj has done an incredible job of highlighting 11 trailblazers the world needs to know of. Good job, indeed.

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