If you are a wind

If you are a wind I will be a flower A thousand times more Will I bloom for you If you promise to make me fall Each time anew. ~ Nila 🌸

Micro Tale #10

Once met two travellers. One spoke of the mighty hills, rocky terrains, blue skies and deep waters. And the other one, of different books. ~ Nila 🌸 Travel as much as you can. As far as you can. As deep as you can. To the corners of the world, to the caverns of your soul….


Memory, No less than a living corpse, Whose fading breath Feeding death Within us,  Without us. Blue and bliss all at once. ~Nila Lenin 🌸

Micro Tale #9

She was no writer. Nor was he one. Hence, life chose to write the prettiest story for them. ~Nila Lenin 🌸