Masks of Pretence

We fall in love, less with people and more with their well-crafted masks. Then we wonder how do they change like seasons when they only replace masks once it is worn-out. ~Nila


She smiled And saw the world Carving crystal stares With the curve Her lips made. ~Nila


The depth of black No longer stack Her deepest fears or darkest dreams For she found in it A tint of her wild spirit Tamed by none. ~Nila

Come! #2

Come! Let’s take a dip in ourselves. A nice, long soak, Filling voids and drenching depths of virgin caverns concealed within, Till we see the soul scrubbing stains of bruised bygones for one last time. ~Nila

We dress to impress

We dress to impress, Not knowing that, We are all a mess, Waiting for a clean-up. ~Nila


Come! Let’s take a stroll, through the night sky of wild thoughts, etched by winking stargazes, stapled to our bare souls, while we strip off skin and watch the shooting stars burn inside us. ~Nila


The night came slowly, Tracing her crescent lover, And whispered in his ear, A dark veiled secret. ~Nila

First Kiss

Silence gazed, Words failed, Eyes talked, And lips met. They knew it was their moment. ~Nila (Photo-


Crying over their coffined chats, Hundreds of memories crept in, Enwrapped in an eternal bind, Amidst all his sugar-coated lies, Thrived her love like never before, Every now and then, played and cheated, Drowned in the sea of her own tears. ~Nila !