Micro Tale #8 

“How did your story make it this far?asked the little one.
“By putting commas where you normally put periods”,came the reply, followed by a pair of wrinkled smiles.

~Nila Lenin 🌸

Whenever life tries to put a period in your story, turn it into a comma and keep going till the last drop of ink penetrates into your profound. Go on. Pen down some more. 


MicroTale #7

She was so into his jokes that one day, she found herself turning into one.

~Nila Lenin

Micro Tale#6

The ring that bears his name,

along with the first ray of sun

knelt down and prayed.


Miles away,on the battlefield,

A bullet missed its target.

~Nila Lenin


A heartfelt prayer never goes in vain. So will her love for him. A long distance relationship goal indeed.

Micro Tale #5

“What would you like, coffee or tea?” He asked her.

“Coffee is not my cup of tea” She replied with a wink.

~Nila Lenin


The long lost poem

I almost wrote,

With a wistful longing,

Too deep for words.

~Nila Lenin


Let me stretch my wings,

before breaking chains

and soaring high 

into the sky of dreams.

Let me fly,

for a golden cage 

is never a stage

for the growing inner sage.

~Nila Lenin


I, an atom,


In your tiring eyes

Bearing the whole charade.

Yet, I hold

A universe so wide

Carefully inside

Hoping that

Someday, you will find

A love-laden void

For you to hide.

~Nila Lenin


Beneath the starry sky,

Here she lies,

The land chained

By spittle of the raging sea.

Like a slave, crestfallen,

For escape is just a dream,

Imprisoned in the impending doom.

A patient wait,

For the day,

Her waist will be grabbed,

And his thirst will be quenched.

The day,

He will take her in,

With a single guzzle,

Without stopping to breathe.

The day,

She will hide in oblivion

And sleep forever.

~Nila Lenin

Micro Tale #4

‘A group of three friends is the best’

Said the tiny void crawling between two of us.


Even the closest of relationships need a little gap small enough for the scent of love to stick within and large enough for the free minds to roam around.
Hence, you, I and the tiny void in between.

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