Quarantine Day- Sorry, I’ve lost count

Quarantine Day- Sorry, I’ve lost count..Grown into these four walls keeping me companyso close I don’t dare push asidetheir dusty floral drapeslet alone welcome the first hour of lightknocking on my rustic window.A good old friend of mine,he waits for a while and leavestaking my silent response to his heart..Time had frozen inside the loops…


Memory, No less than a living corpse, Whose fading breath Feeding death Within us,  Without us. Blue and bliss all at once. ~Nila Lenin 🌸


The long lost poem I almost wrote, With a wistful longing, Too deep for words. ~Nila Lenin


Let me stretch my wings, before breaking chains and soaring high  into the sky of dreams. Let me fly, for a golden cage  is never a stage for the growing inner sage. ~Nila Lenin


I, an atom, Inconspicuous In your tiring eyes Bearing the whole charade. Yet, I hold A universe so wide Carefully inside Hoping that Someday, you will find A love-laden void For you to hide. ~Nila Lenin


Beneath the starry sky, Here she lies, The land chained By spittle of the raging sea. Like a slave, crestfallen, For escape is just a dream, Imprisoned in the impending doom. A patient wait, For the day, Her waist will be grabbed, And his thirst will be quenched. The day, He will take her in,…


A shadow, you were, Following me everywhere. You came in the light, Breaking my lonely fright, And left in the dark, Effacing the only mark. Now, can you see, A part of me, More lonely than I used to be ? ~Nila


With careful gray strokes, She painted the wet sky, Whilst singing for him, A tear-stained rhapsody. ~Nila


The mount of hope, unconquered by daydreams of young present. ~Nila

As You Grow Up

Darling, Someday, you will wake up, Leaving swings and kite strings; Learning lies and fake smiles, With a bunch of questions Clasping your young hand. Their raised eyebrows, Will search for a flaw, Rather than your glow. Behind stumbling words And mumbling walls, You will see them, Peeking at the one you plucked, Among scores…