You came as a wind, splashing wild hues in my blankness. Then you went, leaving an art half-done. ~Nila


The depth of black No longer stack Her deepest fears or darkest dreams For she found in it A tint of her wild spirit Tamed by none. ~Nila

Come! #2

Come! Let’s take a dip in ourselves. A nice, long soak, Filling voids and drenching depths of virgin caverns concealed within, Till we see the soul scrubbing stains of bruised bygones for one last time. ~Nila

We dress to impress

We dress to impress, Not knowing that, We are all a mess, Waiting for a clean-up. ~Nila


Come! Let’s take a stroll, through the night sky of wild thoughts, etched by winking stargazes, stapled to our bare souls, while we strip off skin and watch the shooting stars burn inside us. ~Nila

First Kiss

Silence gazed, Words failed, Eyes talked, And lips met. They knew it was their moment. ~Nila (Photo-

When Poetry Arrives

I found it coming, In the pitch-black numbness creeping in, Silencing vague groans inside. Sweating and fretting, It stood there, In the cul-de-sac of muddled thoughts, For that one final gaze. Then it fell, Like the first rain drop, Into my cavernous cracks, Coaxing the dried up soul, Taming my twisted tantrums, Tying broken love…