Micro Tale #10

Once met two travellers. One spoke of the mighty hills, rocky terrains, blue skies and deep waters. And the other one, of different books. ~ Nila 🌸 Travel as much as you can. As far as you can. As deep as you can. To the corners of the world, to the caverns of your soul….

Micro Tale#6

The ring that bears his name, along with the first ray of sun knelt down and prayed.   Miles away,on the battlefield, A bullet missed its target. ~Nila Lenin   A heartfelt prayer never goes in vain. So will her love for him. A long distance relationship goal indeed.

Micro Tale #4

‘A group of three friends is the best’ Said the tiny void crawling between two of us. ~Nila Even the closest of relationships need a little gap small enough for the scent of love to stick within and large enough for the free minds to roam around. Hence, you, I and the tiny void in…

Micro Tale #1

        ‘A Building Architect’                      The certificate Read.  ‘A budding poet’               Her diary said. ~Nila