Quarantine Day- Sorry, I’ve lost count

Quarantine Day- Sorry, I’ve lost count..Grown into these four walls keeping me companyso close I don’t dare push asidetheir dusty floral drapeslet alone welcome the first hour of lightknocking on my rustic window.A good old friend of mine,he waits for a while and leavestaking my silent response to his heart..Time had frozen inside the loops…

Jack of all trades, Master of None.

“Jack of all trades, Master of none.” If there is a catchphrase that could capsule my 23 years of existence then this is it. Being a Jack in a world ruled by masters means to be constantly reminded of not being the best. No matter how good you are in your fields of interest, it’s…

Micro Tale #10

Once met two travellers. One spoke of the mighty hills, rocky terrains, blue skies and deep waters. And the other one, of different books. ~ Nila 🌸 Travel as much as you can. As far as you can. As deep as you can. To the corners of the world, to the caverns of your soul….


Memory, No less than a living corpse, Whose fading breath Feeding death Within us,  Without us. Blue and bliss all at once. ~Nila Lenin 🌸

Micro Tale#6

The ring that bears his name, along with the first ray of sun knelt down and prayed.   Miles away,on the battlefield, A bullet missed its target. ~Nila Lenin   A heartfelt prayer never goes in vain. So will her love for him. A long distance relationship goal indeed.


Let me stretch my wings, before breaking chains and soaring high  into the sky of dreams. Let me fly, for a golden cage  is never a stage for the growing inner sage. ~Nila Lenin


I, an atom, Inconspicuous In your tiring eyes Bearing the whole charade. Yet, I hold A universe so wide Carefully inside Hoping that Someday, you will find A love-laden void For you to hide. ~Nila Lenin


Beneath the starry sky, Here she lies, The land chained By spittle of the raging sea. Like a slave, crestfallen, For escape is just a dream, Imprisoned in the impending doom. A patient wait, For the day, Her waist will be grabbed, And his thirst will be quenched. The day, He will take her in,…

Micro Tale #4

‘A group of three friends is the best’ Said the tiny void crawling between two of us. ~Nila Even the closest of relationships need a little gap small enough for the scent of love to stick within and large enough for the free minds to roam around. Hence, you, I and the tiny void in…


A shadow, you were, Following me everywhere. You came in the light, Breaking my lonely fright, And left in the dark, Effacing the only mark. Now, can you see, A part of me, More lonely than I used to be ? ~Nila