Requiem for a toxic love potion

“Love is blind” is no joke, dear friend. Once you go under the spell, the visibility, on an average would be no better than that on a smoggy winter morning in Delhi. You don’t get to see a proper vision of your significant other let alone your reflection on them. Nevertheless, La vie en rose…

Micro Tale#6

The ring that bears his name, along with the first ray of sun knelt down and prayed.   Miles away,on the battlefield, A bullet missed its target. ~Nila Lenin   A heartfelt prayer never goes in vain. So will her love for him. A long distance relationship goal indeed.


The long lost poem I almost wrote, With a wistful longing, Too deep for words. ~Nila Lenin


I, an atom, Inconspicuous In your tiring eyes Bearing the whole charade. Yet, I hold A universe so wide Carefully inside Hoping that Someday, you will find A love-laden void For you to hide. ~Nila Lenin

Micro Tale #4

‘A group of three friends is the best’ Said the tiny void crawling between two of us. ~Nila Even the closest of relationships need a little gap small enough for the scent of love to stick within and large enough for the free minds to roam around. Hence, you, I and the tiny void in…


A shadow, you were, Following me everywhere. You came in the light, Breaking my lonely fright, And left in the dark, Effacing the only mark. Now, can you see, A part of me, More lonely than I used to be ? ~Nila


With careful gray strokes, She painted the wet sky, Whilst singing for him, A tear-stained rhapsody. ~Nila

Masks of Pretence

We fall in love, less with people and more with their well-crafted masks. Then we wonder how do they change like seasons when they only replace masks once it is worn-out. ~Nila


You came as a wind, splashing wild hues in my blankness. Then you went, leaving an art half-done. ~Nila


Come! Let’s take a stroll, through the night sky of wild thoughts, etched by winking stargazes, stapled to our bare souls, while we strip off skin and watch the shooting stars burn inside us. ~Nila